Grail journey

Hammershus, Bornholm, Denmark

Hammershus, Bornholm, Denmark

On this page I share some of stories from my grail travels throughout Europe, esoteric knowlegde, as well as insights from past lives.

Even though I have been on a spiritual path and looked for higher answers most of this life, my spiritual path deepened when I was guided to start a series of grail travels in Europe. The travels started in 2017 on Glastonbury Tor, and then went on to Montsegur - the grail mountain in the south of France, and to Montserrat - the grail mountain outside of Barcelona in Spain. I went back to England, the Tor and Stonehenge on several occasions, to Edinburgh and twice to Egypt - the pyramids in Cairo, and the temples of Luxor. 

Grail travels are deeply personal - we are guided to the places that we need to go in order to heal past life traumas, and to remember and activate our Light and Soul gifts. 

As I see it, we all have a grail within which we develop over the span of many lives. The power of the grail does not lie in an object outside of us, but resides in our God-consciousness within. That is where we need to look.

And if you do not have the privilege of being able to travel - no worries - life is in itself a grail journey. We will be shown what we need, when we need it. There is a divine timing that God, our guides and our Soul know better than our personality self. 

I lived in Denmark at the time of grail travels, but have since the beginning of 2022 been living in Colorado, USA. Other than Colorado, I have yet to explore the outstanding nature and high frequency power spots of the US - and I am looking much forward to it!

Thank you for reading. I hope the information resonates and points you to your next step on the evolutionary journey towards higher consciousness, inner peace and unconditional love.

With Love, 

Mette Holland

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