Bornholm, Templars and Twin Templates

Østerlars Round Church, Bornholm, Denmark

Østerlars Round Church, Bornholm, Denmark

Bornholm, Templars and Twin Templates

Bornholm is a small Danish island located in the Baltics between Denmark and Sweden. It is famous for ancient stone settings and for its beautiful round Churches located strategically around the island.

Rumor has it that the first official Templar Knight Hugo Pagani came to this island around 1130 and laid the foundation for the Churches. What is certain is that the Templar spirit can be felt on Bornholm, particularly around the old castle Hammershus, and the biggest of the Round Churches, Østerlars.

In 2021 I realized I had to go on a grail trip there. For the first time, I knew it was important that I went alone! I didn't know why.

A month before departure, during a healing session, a masculine spirit guide came through. To my surprise, he came dressed as a Templar holding a rose. He showed himself as kneeling and placing the Rose on top of a woman's grave. He was in grief and honoring her memory. This image hit me emotionally. Also, his looks surprised me, as I recognized his soul. When I asked him to confirm the name I had in mind, he simply replied: "I have many names...!" and then he offered me his sword and his help on the upcoming trip.

On Bornholm, I managed to stay away from civilization and visited the places of interest when there were few or no people. Early one morning I did a meditation by the big Round Church, and felt a thread from the Church on Bornholm to Jerusalem. It was like the connection had to be cleansed and activated. Another day, I sensed how the island was being linked to Montségur (the Cathar Grail Castle) by a golden line of energy. Why these places exactly, I know not, but they were once Templar and Cathar strongholds.

On the final day I returned to the Round Church. Inside I sat by the baptismal font, in the center of the Church, surrounded by 12 chairs. The number, I felt, was referring to the original Knights of the Round Table. I felt the Templar guide on my right side, and felt something being integrated that I needed on my path forward. Clearly this Church held a grail energy.

Another aspect of the trip was more personal. I was revisiting past lives that included the mentioned Templar guide. Though I knew we had worked together before (a joint mission), I had not realized the depth of our connection.

The biggest surprise was that he showed me that we are spiritual partners - that we have a complementary resonance! I always thought the twin-flame idea was hyped - I believe we are whole in ourselves and walking our own path, while - of course - working together with soul friends.

I was then showed an image of ONE being walking through a star gate and coming out on the other side as two beings, a feminine and masculine counterpart. I was also shown an image of one life (it looked like Atlantis), where I appeared out of the water (a portal in the water) and he was waiting on the shore. Clearly, I needed to keep an open mind about the concept of divine partners...

I realized, that even when we were parted, he was still there in spirit, and he had managed to locate me in more lives than I realized. He seemed to communicate telepathically:

"I AM here, I will always find you. You are safe. You can trust the Plan!"

It felt like a deep healing of the root and sacral chakra, that then allowed for the energy to travel through my system, instead of being blocked. Integrating his energy transformed me, almost from one day to the next. I finally felt safe in life, and comfortable in my own skin. Like he had the missing key to my system, and for some reason the timing was right.

I guess the conclusion is, other than telling you about Bornholm, that grail journeys and spiritual work have a way of efficiently accelerating our Soul's chosen path. Even including the aspects that we had not seen coming! They are deeply personal to each of us and designed to help us remember our true selves. Let's walk the path in trust.

~ Mette Holland

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