Lion Gate and the Inner Marriage

Arches, Utah visit during Lion Gate 2022

Arches, Utah visit during Lion Gate 2022

The 26 of July is the opening of the Lion Gate. Each year this portal upgrades all to the next level in the journey of Earth and mankind. The impulse is strongest on the 8/8 but can be felt throughout the Leo season.

Lion Gate is a joint effort between the divine feminine and masculine energies. These impulses are symbolized by the Sphinx aligned with Sirius and the Pyramids aligned with Orion. Together they strive for unity. Ascension is about merger and higher union on all planes - between body and soul, spirit and matter, intelligence and feeling, and not least our inner masculine and feminine poles. This union is called the inner marriage and takes place over millions of years of evolution.

When our poles come into balance, this initiates us into higher consciousness. Many souls on Earth now are close to balancing their poles and thus ready to operate on the wavelength of unconditional love, and shine brightly from the Light within - the inner Sun.

It was this process that Yoshua and his partner Miriam (Jesus and Mary) initiated 2000 years ago. They incarnated together to open a portal for the Christ Light (the energy of unconditional love) and to anchor this in feminine/masculine balance. Christ is a level of initiation, and symbolizes Love EMBODIED. It is universal and not necessarily connected to religion.

Both had first transformed their own inner poles (achieved mastery), and more than that they were divine complements, or twin flames, if you prefer. Their energies complemented each other, and they were, before Time, created out of the same divine "white sun essence".

This means that they are eternally connected by an energetic golden thread and therefore able to activate one another into their highest path and potential. This made them able to fulfill the enormous task of anchoring Light deep into the core of Earth, and thus shifting the energetic paradigm on Earth from darkness towards the Light.

Back then, Yoshua and Miriam started the process, but only few souls were ready to receive the new and higher impulses of Love frequencies. Today, mankind has evolved, and more are opening up to integrate these energies. We are now in the midst of a global transition into a new way of being and living, and many are headed towards the great birth.

Lion Gate will always deepen our path, no matter where we stand. It works with us according to what we are ready for. Often the twin flame energy intensifies during this portal. If ready, we will be brought in contact with this energy, and our divine partner, which can profoundly activate a heart opening and a rise within our kundalini.

As I see it, the twin flame energy has many ways to reach us - through life, nature, animals, other people, or the star energies of Lion Gate. If our poles are nearly balanced, the twin flame energy often comes in to spark off the alchemy of our inner marriage - which then completely transforms us from within.

Mette Holland

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