The Holy Grail: Arthur and Guinevere

Painting by Mari-Ann Kielsen Pedersen

Painting by Mari-Ann Kielsen Pedersen

There are countless versions of the Arthurian Legends. I think that by finding our own version within, such legends can truly heal us and awaken ancient memories.

For me, the legend of Arthur and Guinevere speaks of the sacred union between the divine feminine and masculine. During a grail trip to Tintagel and Glastonbury Tor, I was shown Arthur and Guinevere to be equal partners, divine complements, holding the divine feminine and masculine in balance. Both held unto their own Excalibur, and both stood firmly in their Light own inner God-connection.

As I sense it, the original King Arthur story took place in another star system. The mission of Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table was to anchor a new paradigm of high-frequency Light/Love into the Orion system, which back then had been overtaken by dark forces.

The new paradigm was one of equal worth, freedom, neighborly love and an inner DIRECT God-connection. This is called Christ consciousness, or if you prefer, cosmic consciousness. It is a universal consciousness of LOVE.

Arthur and the Knights were the protectors of these Light/Love frequencies, which they called the Grail, and which had the power to start an inner transformation by raising the consciousness in those who were ready.

This was the beginning of the anchoring of the Christ Light in this galaxy, and it is this project that we are currently continuing here on Earth. Earth herself is on course to become a Christed planet, just as mankind are destined to develop cosmic consciousness.

Arthur and Guinevere represented the Sacred Marriage between the two poles, which creates a third and enlightened state of consciousness: The Golden Child, or Christ consciousness.

As I see it, the true Holy Grail is the inner consciousness of Love that we all develop as we go along our evolutionary journey, balance our inner feminine and masculine poles, and gradually come to embody our Soul Light and Divine Essence.

Throughout July and August, we are greatly influenced by the star of Sirius B (July) and then Orion (Lion Gate in August). Their combined energies lift us to the next level in our spiritual journey and help activate the alchemy of sacred union within ourselves.

~ Mette Holland

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