Montségur and the Cathars

River by Puilaurant - one of the Cathar castles

River by Puilaurant - one of the Cathar castles

The Cathars were a Christian people who lived in the South of France. Both men and women could become part of the priesthood, and they were greatly inspired by the esoteric teachings of Yeshua and his partner Mary/Miriam.

They had their own interpretation of the scriptures, honored the divine feminine and held their sermons in nature or in secret caves. They were peaceful and often referred to as Bonhommes, which means Good People.

The Cathar faith was popular in the region of Languedoc, which at the time was independent from France. Here a high-culture of knightly values and troubadours flourished. The nobles of the region were sympathetic to the Cathars and often had one or two family members who converted to this faith.

The Catholic Church felt threatened by the increasing popularity of Catharism, and started, in 1208, the Albigensian crusades against them, which was later followed up by the Inquisition. It is estimated that up to 1 million Cathars were killed between 1208-1321, where the last cathar priest was burned on the stake. He then stated the famous prophesy that the Cathars would return after 700 years (that would be now!).

The most famous Cathar perfecta was the noblewoman Esclarmonde de Foix, who was so well spoken and loved in the region, that the Inquisition put a price on her head. Yet, they never caught her. She established Cathar convents and schools in the region and was the one to encourage the Lord of Montségur, in 1204, to fortify his castle - as she had foreseen what was coming.

To this day, Esclarmonde is said to be the guardian of the grail mountain of Montségur, which for a time was the headquarters of the Cathar movement, and their final stronghold.

In 1243 the inquisition started the siège around Montségur. For 9 months, 10,000 soldiers were stationed around the mountain. The Cathars received supplies through hidden paths and tunnels, and the soldiers and knights of the noble families of Montségur, (Raymond de Perella and Roger de Mirepoix), took care of the defenses. After a long winter, in March 1244, the people on the mountain surrendered, and were given 14 days to pray and say their goodbyes.

The Cathars on Montsegur were given good conditions, if only they converted to the Catholic Church. Great was the surprise of the Church, when more than 200 Cathars instead volunteered for the flames.

According to legend, three to four Cathars were lowered down the mountain side the night before the bonfire, and escaped with the Cathari Grail. This grail has never been located.

The reason for this - as I see it - is because the grail is not an object, but a symbol for our own inner Light and a divine knowledge about the "kingdom within". It is a higher consciousness of love that we develop within, as well as a grail energy consisting of Love/Light frequencies to support the evolution of mankind. This energy will be released on Earth when mankind is ready for it.

During a grail trip to Montségur in 2018, I was "shown" part of the story about how the Lords of Montségur and the main cathar bishop had coordinated an escape for a young woman who was chosen to carry the grail energies to safety. It was shown as a ball of golden energy being placed within her energetic body. She had accepted the mission with a heavy heart, aware of the danger, and knowing she would never see those that she loved again.

She went down the mountain through the hidden tunnels one night, with an escort. They were greeted at a designated point near the mountain by two Templars, horses ready for all of them.

There was an energetic protection put around her, almost like an invisibility cloak. The operation was highly secret, as there was a knowing that even within the Templar and Cathar circles, there were those who had an interest in destroying the grail energies.

As the story goes, the group eventually made it to England and arrived at a small church in Avebury, where they were greeted by the head of the English Templar order. Here the secret work with grail energies continued, also known as the Order of the Rose.

~Mette Holland

Cathari - Light of the Grail

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